Consumers and DNB

Guilders and old currencies

Do you still have guilders? You may still exchange most guilder banknotes at DNB, but no longer coins. You can exchange silver coins at the Royal Dutch Mint (Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt) or coin traders.

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Banknotes and coins

We still use banknotes and coins a lot when paying. That is to say we use cash. DNB is responsible for the issuing of euro banknotes, the Ministry of Finance for that of euro coins.

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Information Desk

Questions regarding the areas of activity of the Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) should be addressed to our Information Desk. It’s the place to turn to with questions about exchanging guilders or about tracing pension entitlements or the company responsible for an old life insurance policy.

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Consumers and supervision

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De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) has produced a number of brochures on various subjects, such as DNB’s tasks, exchanging guilders and the authentication of euro banknotes. 

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