Do you have a question for De Nederlandsche Bank?

De Nederlandsche Bank receives many questions each day from both consumers and financial professionals. The latter group includes people working with banks, insurers, pension funds, trust offices et cetera. The most frequently asked questions have been put together on special pages by target group. Where to find what is indicated below.

Answers for consumers

Do you have a question about the euro, money in general, gold, your pension, your bank or insurance, or do you want to know about all that De Nederlandsche Bank does for you? Go to our special consumer site, (Dutch only). Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about everyday financial subjects.

Answers for financial professionals

For questions about Solvency II, Basel III, SEPA or, for instance, governance relating to insurers' risk management? Go to, our site for professionals.

Answers about economic indicators and related statistics

Questions about current interest rates, stability indicators, or the components of Dutch households' assets? Answers to these questions and a wealth of others can be found on our statistics site: