Annual Research conferences

Since 1998 the Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) has organised an Annual Research Conference. The conference brings together academics and policymakers from the Netherlands and abroad to present and discuss new research. The topic is selected every year from an area relevant for DNB.



29-30 September 2016: 19th Annual DNB Research Conference
"Inflation in the 21st century: New policies for new challenges?" 
De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam

During the global financial crisis and its aftermath, central banks were forced to adopt new tools, even though they had little previous experience with them and there was considerable uncertainty about their likely impact.
This conference aims at answering two natural questions suggested by this recent experience:
i) Did the crisis reveal that the previous consensus framework for monetary policy was inadequate and should be fundamentally reconsidered?
ii) Did economic relationships fundamentally change after the crisis and if so how?
We will discuss these issues supported by eight paper presentations and keynote speeches by John Taylor (Stanford University) and Roberto Rigobon (MIT). 

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