Rules for exchanging guilder notes

Some guilder banknotes may be exchanged at DNB up to 2032. Guilder coins (including ten-cent, twenty-five cent, and two-and-a-half guilder coins) are no longer exchangeable.

Guilders will be exchanged without charge and at the official fixed rate of 1 euro = 2.20371 guilders. So a ten guilder note is worth about 4.50 euro.

To find out which notes may be exchanged, follow the link below to the list of exchangeable guilder notes.  

Guilder notes will not be exchanged:

  • if they were received or used in payment in the line of business after 27 January 2002 *
  • if they were used or received in payment for goods delivered and/or services rendered after 27 January 2002 *
  • if they were acquired as a result of actions punishable by Dutch law.

* See also the press release on the recent pronouncement of the Council of State (Raad van State) in the case of Free Record Shop versus the Nederlandsche Bank (follow the link at the bottom of this page).