DNB as the resolution authority

DNB is preparing plans for the resolution of banks, that can be activated in case they are failing, in conformity with the European Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD). 

Resolution plan

DNB determines the approach to a bank in difficulty (the resolution strategy) and draws up a resolution plan. This plan also includes possible measures that the institution will be required to take in order to facilitate orderly resolution. DNB needs to be well prepared for the execution of the plan. It must for instance be able to actually apply the resolution tools to institutions, such as the bail-in of shareholders and creditors, or the transfer of parts of the institution to a bridge bank. 


DNB's resolution task is independent from its monetary, supervisory and macro-prudential duties. The resolution authority therefore is a separate division, with its own budget. One member of DNB's Governing Board, Frank Elderson, is responsible for DNB’s resolution task. He has no direct responsibility for the supervision of banks.