Monetary and financial statistics for the Netherlands

The areas indicated to the left – and illustrated below by a mosaic of some randomly selected graphs - cover a large number of areas. “Financial markets”, for instance, includes statistics on interest rates, exchange rates, share prices and the issuance of bonds. Information on banks, pension funds etc. can be found under “Financial institutions”. A large number of sub-tables is also available on the balance of payments. Furthermore, some core statistics have been brought together on financial stability and the Dutch economy (including a macro-economic scoreboard). A number of tables has been extended by interactive graphs that you may adjust yourself.

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e-Line Balance of Payments

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is responsible for compiling the Dutch balance of payments and the Dutch International Investment Position. For that, data are collected periodically by making inquiries of groups of reporters selected by DNB. This section was designed to support these reporting institutions with their reports on the balance of payments, the International Investment Position and other statistics, such as the Statistics Netherlands (CBS) sectoral accounts.

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e-Line DNB

Various financial institutions are required by law to submit periodic financial reports to De Nederlandsche Bank NV (‘DNB’). These reports provide DNB with the information it needs to perform its statutory duties. E-Line DNB is an Internet application, which means that you will be able to complete the reporting forms on a special, dedicated website. DNB has provided you with the data you need to log onto this website. Once you are logged on, a list of all your current and past reporting requirements will be displayed.

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Digital Reporting Portal

The Dutch acronym DLR stands for Digitaal Loket Rapportages, our new Digital Reporting Portal. We use the DLR to host the supervisory and statistical reports web services .
The DLR is the successor to e-Line DNB, whose reports will gradually move to the DLR environment.

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Using statistical microdata for research purposes

Subject to strict conditions, non-DNB researchers may use our data on individual financial institutions, which we refer to as microdata. In compliance with our duty of confidentiality, we anonymise the data for each research project. We provide microdata for research in tandem with Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

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