Suspect banknote

What to do

What should you do if you suspect a banknote to be counterfeit?

If you are unsure about a banknote's authenticity, do not accept it – a counterfeit banknote is worthless. If you did accept it, do not use it deliberately for payment – you will commit a criminal offence.

What should you do with the suspect banknote?

  • If you know where you were given the banknote and by whom, inform the police.
  • If you do not know, go to your bank or send the banknote to DNB, with this form (Dutch text). We will investigate the banknote to establish its authenticity. If we find it to be genuine, we will pay you the value, but if it is a counterfeit, you will receive no compensation.

Disclaimer: This information was compiled with the utmost care. The user of this information will always remain fully responsible for checking the authenticity of banknotes. De Nederlandsche Bank cannot be held liable for any damage or loss arising from the use of this website. When banknotes are offered for verification to De Nederlandsche Bank, only those that prove to be genuine will be reimbursed.