Art collection

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) collects young and high-quality contemporary art, offering staff an inspiring working environment and providing a stage for young and talented artists in its Art gallery.


The Art Committee is responsible for DNB’s art policy. On a relatively modest budget, the Commission seeks to build a collection that is representative of the developments in contemporary art. DNB is chiefly interested in works that distinctly reflect the development of promising as well as more established artists. The collection encompasses all visual arts disciplines.

Acquisitions collection

DNB's art collection is experimental, original and innovative, maintaining a fine balance between the familiar and the unexpected. We acquire new works on a regular basis, building on the existing collection. At the same time, works that no longer fit in with the collection are sold.

Art at the office

The works of art are displayed throughout the building, contributing to an inspiring working environment for DNB's staff. All staff members have the opportunity to borrow works from the collection for their workplace. Art in the workplace not only enhances job satisfaction, but also makes DNB staff more familiar with modern and contemporary art.

Art and society

DNB provides a stage for young and talented artists in its Art gallery, encouraging them to develop their talent even further. DNB also lends works from its collection to other exhibitions. Occasionally, the Art Committee also commissions work from artists. Where possible, DNB cooperates with other art institutions.