In Sight

"In Sight. Thoughts on the collection of De Nederlandsche Bank" shows how DNB's art collection has developed over the years. DNB President Klaas Knot states in the introduction that "visual artists are ideally placed – consciously, intentionally or simply by keeping an open mind – to capture the essence of their era in a work of art."

Throughout the years, the Art Committee has built up a consistent and balanced collection, with increasing attention to the substance and underlying ideas of artwork. With a keen eye and an open mind, it has sought out works of young and talented artists, ensuring that DNB's core values are reflected in its art collection.

"In Sight. Thoughts on the collection of De Nederlandsche Bank", ISBN 978-90-804784-7-3

Eigenlijk Eigentijds

In 2007, DNB’s Art Committee celebrated its 25th anniversary. In commemoration of this milestone, it published a book on the bank’s art collection, "Eigenlijk Eigentijds, uit de collectie van De Nederlandsche Bank".

Kunstcollectieboek DNB

Presenting a selection of some 240 works of art, the book shows the variety of DNB’s art collection. Offering an informative view behind the scene, it contains a wealth of anecdotes on the acquisition of pieces and responses from DNB staff to the works of art in their workplace.

“Eigenlijk Eigentijds, uit de collectie van de Nederlandsche Bank”, ISBN 978-90-804784-5-9