SDG impact assessment

New indicators are available for investors to assess the impact of their investments on the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs). The aim is to substantially increase the proportion of finance that contribute to achieving the SDGs, from millions to billions.

Sustainable Finance Platform: new indicators allow investors to assess how they contribute to the SDGs

Achieving the sustainable development goals by 2030 requires large volumes of finance. Banks, pension funds and other investors are keen to contribute, but the impact of their investments on the SDGs is difficult to pinpoint.


This is why the SDG Impact Assessment Working Group drafted a guidance document, which provides a limited number of indicators for each SDG. The indicators allow investors to assess how their investments and loans contribute to the SDGs. They also help investors focus their data collection efforts. Higher-quality impact data allow them to monitor, manage and communicate their contributions to the SDGs.

SDG impact assessment

Guidance document for investors

The ultimate objective is to scale up sources of investment that deliver a measurable contribution to the SDGs (from millions to billions). Eloy Lindeijer, Chief Investment Management at PGGM sponsor of the SDG Impact Assessment Working Group: “Assessing the impact which our investments have on society will still be a challenge, but the working group's efforts have made it more manageable. We seek to demonstrate that we can have a quantifiable impact in providing for good pensions, investments and other financial services.” The working group will elaborate the guidance document to gain insight into methods for assessing the SDG impact of investments.

Test indicators and provide feedback

The proposed indicators are in line with the United Nations' (UN) indicators and goals. As many of the UN's goals were designed for government agencies, some were rewritten to make them applicable by investors in practice. The list of indicators is a first draft, and the working group invites investors to test them and provide feedback to [link naar mailadres]. The ultimate objective is to create a new standard.

SDG Impact Assessment Working Group

The SDG Impact Assessment Working Group's participants are various financial institutions and businesses: PGGM, ABN AMRO, Achmea, ACTIAM, ASN, ASR Nederland, APG, DNB, FMO, ING, Philips, Kempen, Van Lanschot, MN, NN Group, Rabobank, Robeco, TKP Investments, Triodos, Unilever, and Unilever Pensioenfonds. Piet Klop (PGGM) chairs the working group, which is sponsored by Eloy Lindeijer (PGGM).

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