Youth Council

The DNB Youth Council was established at the start of 2017.  DNB wants to hear children's ideas about the issues that will shape their future. This year, the Council will address the subject of pensions.


The Youth Council comprises 30 senior pupils from De Pinksterbloem primary school in Amsterdam. They will consider the strategic and current issues facing DNB. The topic will change each school year. The dilemma this year is as follows: How can we ensure that children today have enough money when they stop working. The Youth Council will contribute to addressing the issues surrounding the pension transition. 

More fun information

The Council gave the Board a lot of valuable advice, stressing how important it is that all of us – young and old – learn more about our pensions. And that we should all be saving much more for later on. To achieve this, DNB should make the subject so much fun that everyone is tempted to participate more, listen more and read more about it. They advise DNB to prepare fun learning materials. For instance, children want to hear stories and tips from pensioners who have built up a good pension, and also stories from older people who haven't managed to do this. They can learn a lot from these experiences. DNB can also make short films and online games which teach you about saving up for later.


Every school year, DNB presents the Youth Council with a dilemma. The Youth Council then performs an in-depth study of this subject.  DNB provides them with the necessary information and offers them the opportunity to discuss the subject with internal and external experts.  After studying the subject the Youth Council presents its findings and recommendations to DNB's Governing Board. 

Youth Council

Everyone benefits from having a Youth Council: children have the opportunity to think more about the world around them, decision makers can discover new  approaches to problems, and teachers can become inspired by the children's creative thinking.   To set up the Youth Council, DNB received support from the Missing Chapter Foundation, a partner of Unicef Netherlands.  The aim of both organisations is to ensure that children have an equal voice in the decisions that affect them, now and in the future.