Complaints and reporting wrongdoing

Please contact us if you have complaints about financial institutions.You can also report any actual or suspected wrongdoing in the financial sector or at DNB.

Integrity Reporting Desk (financial sector)

If you work in the financial sector and suspect wrongdoing in an institution under DNB's supervision,you may consider reporting it to our Integrity Reporting Desk.

Complaints about institutions

If you are unhappy with a financial product or service, it is best if you contact your bank, pension administrator or insurance firm directly using their complaints procedure. We do not act as a mediator, but would appreciate you informing us of your complaint. This is because complaints may indicate that something is wrong, which may prompt us to take action.Please email your complaint to

Report Misconduct DNB or DNB employees

Do you suspect wrongdoing on the part of DNB or DNB employees, or an integrity-related incident? Please notify us.