DNB Integrity Reporting Desk

DNB and its staff follow written and unwritten integrity rules, both in and outside DNB's offices. The actions and behaviour of DNB and its staff might nevertheless lead to wrongdoing or integrity-related incidents. If it does, you can report it to our Integrity Reporting Desk.

Anyone can report wrongdoing and integrity-related and other incidents by DNB or its staff, regardless of whether this involves minor or major incidents. Our 'Regulation on actual or suspected wrongdoing and integrity-related and other incidents' sets out how to report an incident, how we handle incident reports, how we protect people that have reported incidents, and what you can do if you are dissatisfied with our handling of a case.

Reporting an incident

You can report wrongdoing or integrity-related and other incidents to DNB in writing, by telephone or anonymously, for example through a third party. Do you have any questions about the Regulation on actual or suspected wrongdoing and integrity-related and other incidents? Please contact one of our Compliance Officers.

Contact details:

If you are unsure whether you can report a wrongdoing or incident directly to us or want to know more about your position as a reporter, consult the Dutch Whistleblowers Authority website, https://www.adviespuntklokkenluiders.nl/english/.

DNB Complaints Procedure

If we decide not to handle your complaint, of if you are dissatisfied about our handling of your complaint or the outcome of our investigation, you can submit a complaint to our Complaints Committee. Our Complaints Committee will handle all complaints seriously and carefully. All complaints will be investigated and complainants will have the opportunity to be heard. Following our investigation, the complainant will receive a response in writing, setting out our findings and conclusions.

You can send your complaint to:

De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.
attn Mr G. Bom, Secretary of the Complaints Committee
Postbus 98
1000 AB Amsterdam