Integrity Reporting Desk

As a professional working in the financial sector, you may notice instances of fraud, corruption or other serious breaches of laws and regulations at a financial institution. Often, wrongdoing and malpractice affect the public interest. If you have suspicions of wrongdoing in an institution that is subject to DNB's supervision, you may consider filing a report with the Integrity Reporting Desk.

Before contacting the Desk

We expect you to first report wrongdoing internally, for example under your employer’s integrity reporting procedures. Failure to do so may affect your legal position. 

Our Desk will handle your report if you are unable to report the wrongdoing directly to the institution concerned, for example if no integrity reporting procedures are in place or if you have well-founded concerns about disproportionate personal consequences. Alternatively, you may have filed a report directly, but feel that the institution devoted insufficient attention to it. 

Need advice?

If you are unsure whether you can file a report directly to us or want to know more about your position, consult the website of the Advice Centre for Whistleblowers in the Netherlands. We also recommend that you consider seeking legal advice or assistance from a lawyer.  

How to report an integrity incident

Your integrity report may relate to anyone working or having worked at a financial institution, irrespective of their position or place in the organisation. To file a report, contact the Desk by:

If you prefer not to use any of these options, call us to make an appointment with one of our officers and discuss your situation.