Deployment of macro-prudential instruments

DNB aims to strengthen financial stability. Since 1 January 2014, this has been laid down in the Banking Act as one of our statutory tasks, which means that we have more options to promote financial stability in the Netherlands. For example, we now have the authority to deploy a range of macroprudential instruments. Below you can find an overview of these instruments, together with their current status.


Status (2019)



Systemic buffer

ING Bank: 3%

Rabobank: 3%


Volksbank: 1%

BNG Bank: 1%

DNB confirms systemic buffers

Countercyclical capital buffer


DNB leaves countercyclical capital buffer at nil

Each quarter, DNB will reassess this add-on.

Flexibility package




LTV limit



Tijdelijke regeling hypothecair krediet (Dutch only)

Recommendation from the Financial Stability Committee on the LTV limit after 2018

Set by the Minister. The FSC recommends reducing the limit still further to 90%.