National Numismatic Collection

The National Numismatic Collection (NNC) is the Netherlands' largest collection of banknotes, coins, medals and related items. The latter include non-Western means of payment, means of production and an extensive library. The collection totals around 400,000 items. The NNC is managed by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

The Netherlands had three large numismatic collections until the early 21st century. 

  • The National Museum of Coins and Medals, whose special collection also comprised banknotes since 1960s, and which also boasted an important numismatic library.
  • The Dutch Mint Museum, which managed the collection of the former Royal Dutch Mint with a particular focus on the means of production and the coinage process in Utrecht.
  • DNB had in its possession a virtually complete collection of Dutch banknotes, as well as a special collection of Dutch coins and foreign banknotes and coins.

These collections were transferred to the Money and Bank Museum in 2004. After the Money Museum closed its doors in 2013, they were transferred to DNB, while the collection of engraved gem stones went to the National Museum of Antiquities. 

Accessibility and visibility
The NNC forms part of the Netherlands' cultural heritage, but DNB has no means of putting items from the NNC on permanent display. A collection that is invisible to the public and researchers, loses its cultural and historical value, so we work to promote the NNC's visibility by:

  • pursuing an active national and international loan policy;
  • making the NNC accessible on-line;
  • allowing researchers controlled access to the NNC, and
  • exhibiting items from the NNC in DNB's offices and DNB's Visitors Centre

Mid-2020 the National Numismatic Collection will temporarily move to the former Johan Ensched√© site in Haarlem. This will influence accessibility.