Loan policy

DNB pursues an active loan policy and gives items from the National Numismatic Collection on loan to museums.

Making the NNC visible is one of the key elements in DNB's policy. By exhibiting the items, DNB wants to give the public the opportunity to explore this piece of national heritage. Items have for instance been given on loan to: 

Terms and conditions
Most items in the NNC have been given in trust to DNB by third parties and represent a substantial value. This is why we have terms and conditions in place for borrowers that are widely used in the museum world. Some of these relate to security. DNB gives items on loan free of charge.

Tailor-made advice
DNB tries to provide tailor-made advice. Our curators provide advice on which items from the NNC would be most compatible with the borrower's preferences, requirements and objectives. We can provide written text for publications and digital images free of charge.

More information?
If you want more information about DNB's loan policy and terms and conditions,  please contact us at