Numismatic Information System

Dutch numismatic finds are entered into the Numismatic Information System (NUMIS). DNB manages NUMIS.

Single coin finds dating from before 1600 are entered into NUMIS, as are hoards (multiple coins found together) also from later dates. NUMIS is available online 

NUMIS history
Coin finds have been registered since the foundation of the Royal Coin Cabinet in 1816. At first, this was only done on paper but in 1997 the Royal Coin Cabinet developed the NUMIS database. Numis was transferred to the Money Museum when it opened its doors in 2004, and after this museum closed in 2013 NUMIS came to DNB.

Reporting a find of coins
Finds of coins – both single finds and hoards – are an important source of cultural, historic and numismatic information. Have you found a numismatic item?  Then please let us know by sending an e-mail to