De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) attaches high importance to its internal and external moral standing. The DNB Code of Conduct states: 'Honourable behaviour breeds trust, both in our institution and in the social and economic sphere.' The significance of moral conduct to DNB is also apparent from the fact that moral integrity is among DNB’s core values.

To promote the honourable behaviour of both staff and organisation, a Compliance & Integrity department was created on 1 January 2008. With its eight-strong staff, the department has the following duties and responsibilities.

  • promoting integrity-awareness among DNB personnel
  • advising the Governing Board, senior management and personnel on integrity issues and policy, by request or otherwise
  • identification and analysis of moral risks
  • the further development of DNB’s moral integrity policy
  • monitoring compliance with DNB’s moral integrity regulations

Division directors and heads of departments bear primary responsibility for moral conduct within their own units. The Compliance & Integrity department fulfils a mainly advisory and monitoring role. It operates independently from any divisions and departments. This implies that the head of the department has direct access to the President. If necessary, the head of C&I also has access to the Supervisory Board of DNB. The department reports regularly on its activities to the Governing and Supervisory Boards.

DNB has the following arrangements and regulations in the context of moral integrity.