Act and regulations

The tasks of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) are laid down in the Bank Act 1998. The Bank Act 1998 can be found on only, for English see Downloads on this page). DNB’s General Terms and Conditions contain provisions that are applicable to agreements between DNB and financial institutions. These provisions concern rules of a general nature, on the one hand, and rules for monetary policy transactions, on the other.

The list below does not contain the laws and regulations applicable to institutions that are subject to prudential supervision. They can be accessed through DNB's Open Book on Supervision website.


The Dutch language and English language versions of the above publications are available for download in .pdf format (see below).

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Overzicht van Wet
Title or themeDate
Rules of procedure July 2019
The Bank Act 1998 July 2019
Articles of association July 2019
General terms and conditions - May 2015 May 2015
1-4 from 4 results