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The world around us is changing rapidly. That is why we regularly check whether we are still on the right track to achieve our mission. In 2019 we drafted a new strategy with six objectives: our ambitions. We want to achieve them by 2025 – or earlier, if possible. We are making progress and we regularly check whether we can still achieve our objectives. For example, do we need to adjust our course because of changed circumstances such as the coronavirus crisis?

Corporate social responsibility

Economic growth should not harm our living environment. We have incorporated corporate social responsibility (CSR) into all of our tasks and apply the CSR principles to our own organisation. We take sustainability risks into account in our supervision. We advise on sustainable energy, we consider the effects of the energy transition on the implementation of monetary policy and we monitor the environmental impact of the use of cash. We want to ensure that vulnerable groups have access to payment services. We use our influence in the financial sector to contribute to achieving the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Balanced relationships

A stable financial system requires a balanced relationship between the economy and society. That is why we are committed to finding sustainable solutions for long-term questions. The financial crisis and, more recently, the coronavirus crisis have unbalanced this relationship. The Dutch government is taking measures to restore it, and it is our task to monitor the effectiveness of these measures and give advice. For instance, we provide insights, facts and figures on pensions, the labour market and the housing market. We contribute to strengthening the cooperation between central banks and other supervisory authorities. And we encourage financial institutions to hold adequate buffers and ensure sound and ethical operational management.

Digital developments

Digital processes and data are becoming ever more important. We want to adopt a data-driven approach: we want to perform our tasks more efficiently with algorithms and machine learning and fully utilise the possibilities of data analysis. The quality of our data is high. We want to offer a challenging work environment for our digitally proficient employees. We closely monitor innovations in the payments market and other parts of the financial sector. We analyse the consequences of the latest technological developments and discuss the implications and applications of these developments with the sector.

Public trust

Public trust in financial institutions is important to society and the economy. Financial institutions must be able to live up to their promises, and they must be run by people who behave according to the rules. We monitor this closely in our supervision, and we also monitor whether they do enough to prevent crime. We promote financial education, for example through the MoneyWise platform. We are committed to serving the interests of all payment services users, for example through the National Forum on the Payment System.


We want to offer a working environment in which our employees can develop professionally and personally. An environment where everyone feels appreciated, not only for their skills, but also as a person. We strive for broad diversity among our employees, because ultimately this leads to better results.  We want to continue to engage in dialogue with the world around us, and to work in a results-oriented and digitally-proficient way.


We know we can work more effectively if we keep our costs under control. It is also important to be open about these costs. We want to create room for new ways of working and innovation. That is why we carefully weigh our results against the costs and base our management decisions on sound information. We ask the institutions under our supervision to be cost-conscious, so it is only fair that society can expect us to do the same.

DNB2025 - DNB Vision And Strategy

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