General conditions

De Nederlandsche Bank N.V., hereafter referred to as 'DNB', collects data which companies having to meet reporting requirements on the grounds of various legal stipulations and agreements are obliged to supply to DNB. For this purpose, DNB makes available the e-Line DNB tool, hereafter referred to as
'e-Line', via the Internet. The company having to meet reporting requirements, hereafter referred to as 'User' agrees to be bound to the following terms of use.

1. During a visit of User to the website designated for this purpose by DNB, the e-Line software can be activated. DNB guarantees that e-Line will only be used by DNB for the reporting process on the grounds of the various legal stipulations and agreements. DNB shall not be liable for any loss - including but not limited to infringement of confidentiality - incurred by User as a result of the use of e-Line, except in the case of gross negligence or intention on the part of DNB. The use of
e-Line is entirely for the account and risk of User.

2. Communication between DNB and User takes place via a secure (encrypted) connection. It is up to the User to verify DNB's certificate.

3. Commencement of the use of e-Line implies that these terms of use apply. The reporting software is activated as soon as User establishes a connection using the data supplied by DNB, i.e. the registration number and log-on code. User's work station, user ID, log-on code and password must be managed and used with due care, including any changes made thereto afterwards.

4. The reports must be true, complete and correct. User guarantees this by providing his or her digital signature using the cryptographic keys provided by DNB. User accepts this method of authentication by agreeing to these terms of use.

5. DNB's copyright on the e-Line software remains with DNB.