DNB: Supervisory Authority

We supervise various types of financial organisations in the Netherlands, including banks, pension funds and insurers. All financial institutions under our supervision are listed in our public register.

If your salary is paid into a bank account, you assume it is in safe hands. Are you retired? Then you expect to receive your pension every month. And if you take out an insurance policy then you trust the insurer can pay up if the worst comes to the worst. We ensure that financial institutions meet their obligations.

DNB Supervision

We monitor financial institutions' compliance with rules and regulations. We pay particular attention to the financial structure of an institution, and the expertise and integrity of its directors. Sound supervision reduces the risk of your bank, pension fund or insurance company getting into difficulties. Although this supervision cannot guarantee that a financial institution will never fail, it does reduce this risk.

ECB Supervision

Together with DNB and the other national supervisory authorities, The European Central Bank (ECB) conducts supervision of the major international banks in Europe. The ECB currently supervises around 120 banks. In the Netherlands, ABN AMRO, SNS Bank, Rabobank, ING Bank, BNG Bank and NWB Bank are subject to the ECB's direct supervision.

AFM Supervision

In addition to DNB, there is another supervisory authority in the Netherlands: the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), The AFM supervises how financial institutions treat their customers, which includes for example ensuring they do not provide customers with misleading information.