Old policy document or passbook

Have you come across an old policy document or passbook, or do you have a bank account that you no longer use? Find out what you can do here.

Read here what you can do if you have come across an old insurance policy or passbook or have a bank account you no longer use.

Old policy document

You have an old policy document and need more information. Contact the insurance firm if you know its name.

If the insurance firm no longer exists, you can ask DNB for the name of its legal successor. We cannot search by a policyholder's name or policy number. If you do not know the name of the insurance firm, you can submit an online request to the Dutch Association of Insurers (Verbond van Verzekeraars), which can perform a search for you. For further information please visit: www.vanatotzekerheid.nl/begrippen/polis-zoek (Dutch only).

Dormant deposits

A bank account may become "dormant" if its holder passes away, moves house or simply forgets about the account. By law, amounts held in dormant accounts whose holders cannot be traced expire after 20 years. Dutch banks do not apply this time limit, however. This means that if you can prove your claim, banks will pay out the amounts due, even after 20 years.

If you want find out if you have any dormant accounts, please contact the Dutch Bankers’ Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken – NVB). For more information please visit: www.slapendetegoeden.nl (Dutch only).

Old passbooks

Do you have an old passbook of a bank that no longer exists? The bank may have been taken over by another bank. You can usually find this out on the internet. Contact the "new" bank to find out whether it is willing to pay out your savings deposit to you. If you cannot find the bank you are looking for, you can ask DNB for the name of its legal successor.

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