Pension funds

Everyone living or working in the Netherlands builds up pension under the Algemene Ouderdomswet or AOW (General Old Age Pensions Act). In addition, one can build up supplementary pension through a pension fund or life insurance company. It is the responsibility of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) to supervise these institution.

How do I build up supplementary pension rights?

You can build up supplementary pension through your employer or by taking out an insurance. An employer is obliged to build up pension for its employees if  

  • there is a statutory requirement for the employer's industry sector, and/or
  • this has been laid down in the collective labour agreement (CAO).

In other cases, it is up to the employer whether or not to provide a pension scheme. Most employers offer a pension scheme as part of their terms and conditions of employment.

You can also save for your pension yourself. If you do so via an annuity policy or life insurance, you may qualify for a tax benefit on the premiums paid.

Supervision by DNB

A pension fund or insurance company requires the permission of DNB to start a business. Approval will only be granted if a pension fund or insurance company has sufficient available funds and is led by professional and reputable directors. DNB monitors pension funds pursuant to the Pensioenwet or PW (Pensions Act) and life insurers pursuant to the Wet financieel toezicht or Wft (Financial Supervision Act). Sound supervision by DNB reduces the risk that your pension fund or life insurance company ends up in difficulties.


The registers list all pension funds and life insurance companies under the supervision of DNB. They also inform you about the (legal) successors of pension funds and insurance companies.

Discontinued pension funds

Discontinued pension funds are not listed in the PA Register. If you are looking for the (legal) successor to a no-longer-existing pension fund, you may look it up in the Lists of former pension funds under Downloads below.


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