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Telephone: 0800 020 1068 (freephone in the Netherlands) or +31 20 524 9111 (if you call us from abroad) on business days between 9:00 and 17:00

Exchange counter: contact us to arrange an appointment
Do you want to exchange your banknotes or coins in person? Please arrange an appointment first. Our exchange counter is open for emergencies only until 9 February 2021. This is due to the government restrictions imposed in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you are welcome to contact us and make an appointment after that date. You can reach us at +31 20 524 2727 on business days between 9:00 and 12.00 hours and by email at You can also send your cash to us by post. Please note that our handling time will be longer than usual, i.e. between one and two months. 

Banknotes and coins – exchange/reimbursement
Do you have guilder banknotes? Damaged euro banknotes or euro coins? For these, you can ask DNB for reimbursement. You can also exchange your collectable coins or euro banknotes with us. Or have us check suspicious euro banknotes for authenticity. See the possibilities and conditions. Is the amount more than EUR 2,000? Do not send the money by post. In that case, please send an email omwisselverzoek@dnb.nland we will contact you to discuss the options.


Telephone: +31 20 524 9111 on business days between 9:00 - 17:00.

For all notifications under the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (2014/59/EU):


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Job vacancies and career information can be found at [in Dutch].

Visitor registration and verification

We check the identity and monitor the movements of all our visitors, on the basis of their identity document and visitor pass. We record their names and email addresses, the numbers of their identity documents, the reasons for their visits and the names of their contacts at DNB, as well as the times of their visits and their movements in our building.

The identity document is scanned to verify its authenticity. Scanning might produce an alert (for example, if the identity document is stolen). The results of these scans are not retained. If the system produces an alert we will contact the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and/or the police. Other personal data will be deleted six months after your visit.

Data processing is necessary because the tasks we carry out in the public interest – i.e. protecting confidential information and valuables – requires a high level of security pursuant to Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR. Here you can find our detailed privacy statement.

Secure email

You can encrypt your email using the following PGP key.

  • S/MIME: version no. of this certificate: 0f 37 2e 6b 7e e3 17 fd 5f 6c 9c da 50 1e ab ee, Fingerprint: 89 ce 43 79 f6 5a a7 b2 70 9f dd 3a 26 a3 0b 45 ef 69 6c da.

You can verify the authenticity of these keys by calling our IT Service Desk: +31 20 524 3767.


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Responsible Disclosure

If you encounter a security flaw in our IT systems or this website, please let us know before disclosing the security problem to the outside world, so we can take the necessary action. This is known as responsible disclosure.