DNB is all about financial stability

Stable prices, smooth and safe payments and robust and reliable financial institutions. These are essential preconditions for a healthy economy and prosperity in the Netherlands.

Monetary policy

The stated objective of European monetary policy is to maintain price stability, which has been defined as inflation below but close to 2%. Monetary decisions are made by the ECB Governing Council, which consists of the central bank governors of the euro countries plus the ECB Executive Board. It does have a means to control inflation in a roundabout way: interest rates.

Operations, rates and collateral


DNB’s policy activities are supported by research in areas pertaining to DNB’s key competencies. DNB’s researchers are also responsible for compiling models and projections. DNB organises series of research seminars. Our research staff deliver presentations of their efforts during international conferences as well as publishing in periodicals, in DNB Working Paper series and in Occasional Studies.

Research at DNB