Market Intelligence

DNB is active in the financial markets on a daily basis, staying abreast of all relevant developments. In our dealing rooms, our teams are working full-time to implement the ECB's monetary operations. We also operate in the markets in our capacity as manager of DNB’s foreign exchange reserves. Thanks to our contacts with a wide range of market participants and institutions we are able to gather extensive information on the sentiments and developments in the financial markets. Our market intelligence (MI) experts use data from various sources, conduct research and identify new trends and risks to analyse this information and provide DNB with a detailed understanding of the financial markets. This understanding is crucial to ensure that we can make informed policy decisions in DNB’s main  policy areas: financial stability, monetary policy and supervision.

Our MI analysts contribute to our operations at various levels, for example by:

  • delivering high-quality market insights to supplement quantitative analyses;
  • identifying actual or incipient sources of instability;
  • strengthening policy decision-making through impact analyses of regulations, supervisory requirements and monetary policy. 

We do not have the ambition to know everything about all markets. This would be impossible, after all. That is why we focus our MI activities on those markets that are important to monetary transmission, the markets in which we operate most and those where we perceive potential risks to financial stability. 

Would you like to know more? Please read the DNB Market Intelligence Charter.