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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Dataloop for?
Dataloop is only available to Solvency II Insurers. It is used to assess and process the validation results of regular XBRL supervisory reports. 

Which eHerkenning authorisation do I need to access Dataloop?
Dataloop is part of the Reporting Service. Logging into Dataloop requires at least level 3 eHerkenning access with an authorisation for the DNB Reporting Service. 

What if Dataloop does not work?
We communicate planned maintenance on the disruptions and maintenance page of the Reporting Service. If you encounter technical difficulties, please contact dit-servicedesk@dnb.nl (+3120-5246111).

New working method

Will the method for submitting reports change?
No, the method for submitting reports will remain the same. An additional tab, Quality Control DNB, will appear in the Reporting Service. This tab gives you access to Dataloop.

How do I work with Dataloop?
See the User manual for Dataloop user instructions.

When do I receive a notification via email?
You will receive an email for the following notifications: (1) DNB sends a chat message; (2) The Data Quality assessment results in one or more signals; (3) the report has been approved.

How fast will DNB respond to chat messages?
We aim to respond within three business days.


I can't find my question in these FAQs. What should I do?
There are four options:

  1. If you have substantive questions about the reports, ask them using the chat function in Dataloop.
  2. If you need technical support, send your question to Dataloop@dnb.nl.
  3. If you are experiencing a technical malfunction, contact the DIT Service Desk at dit-servicedesk@dnb.nl or +31 20 524 61 11.
  4. If you need help logging in through My DNB, see the login assistance page for more information.