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With effect from 10 June, DNB has amended the legal section in the explanatory notes to the reports for all reporting profiles in line with changes to European legislation. The amendments relate to the reports for the Dutch balance of payments, Dutch international investment position and for other statistics including the sector accounts of Statistics Netherlands. Under the ECB Guideline ECB/2004/15, DNB is required to supply statistical information to the ECB. Where applicable, the information may also be used for purposes as described in Council Regulation (EC) 2533/98 concerning the collection of statistical information by the European Central Bank, under the confidentiality regime in force in this regulation. Regulation (EC) no. 2533/1998 was recently amended by Regulation (EC) no. 951/2009. Article 8 governing the protection and use of confidential statistical information collected by the  ESCB was, inter alia, amended. DNB has accordingly adjusted its policy on the use of statistical information.