Newsletter Payments

  • Newsletter Payments September 2020
    nieuwsbrief betalingsverkeer - 9 September 2020
    In this issue: Experiments with central bank digital currency; Contactless payments gaining further ground during the COVID-19 crisis; Study into the cash infrastructure in the medium term; Postponement of the TARGET2-T2S consolidation project; E-zine on coronavirus crisis 
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  • Newsletter Payments May 2020
    nieuwsbrief betalingsverkeer - 7 May 2020
    In this issue: Cash under pressure from corona – Good or bad? ;   Measures at DNB;  Impact of COVID-19 on operational crisis management at a sectoral level; Less than one in three POS payments were in cash in 2019;  Alias use in payment transactions;  Digital central bank currency could protect public interests in payment systems; Old coins: Roman money from the oldest swimming baths in the Netherlands
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  • Nieuwsbrief Payments February 2020
    nieuwsbrief betalingsverkeer - 10 February 2020
    In this issue: Consolidation of TARGET2 and TARGET2 Securities (T2S); CBOE to take over EuroCCP; New measures against ATM bombings; Working Paper: Consumer propensity to adopt PSD2 services: Trust for sale?; Possible fines for refusing to process European payments because of origins of bank account.
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