PSD2 update

Datum 19 december 2017

As we want to give the financial sector the opportunity to prepare itself for PSD2 in the best possible way, we have decided to organise a second seminar on PSD2 as a follow-up to our September 2017 seminar. We will also provide a specimen copy of the PSD2 licence application form for payment institutions.

Regulatory technical standards and EBA guidelines
The European Banking Authority (EBA) is preparing several guidelines and regulatory technical standards (RTS), e.g. on strong customer authentication and home-host cooperation under PSD2. These guidelines and RTS also apply to banks.

Click here to see the progress and current status. This information also includes the deadlines for compliance with the requirements set by the different guidelines and RTS.

DNB PSD2 seminar
We will organise a second seminar on PSD2 on 8 February 2018, following up on our 26 September 2017 session. It will focus on two topics:

  • the licensing process, targeted at payment service providers wanting to apply for a PSD2 licence;
  • supervision on PSD2, targeted at new and current payment service providers.

The primary target groups for this seminar are potential applicants and current PSD1 licence holders. Bank representatives are also welcome of course. More information on the seminar will be posted shortly on the PSD2 page of our Open Book on Supervision.

Specimen copy of licence application form
Due to a delay in the preparation of PSD2 legislation, you cannot apply for a PSD2 licence yet. We will, however, provide potential applicants with a specimen copy of the licence application form to give them some idea of the requirements for a PSD2 licence application, which will allow them to prepare for the application process. The requirements have not yet been confirmed; they may still change as PSD2 legislation in the Netherlands has not yet been completed. We will make the specimen form available on our PSD2 home page shortly.

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