Newsletter Banks

  • Newsletter Banks April 2019
    nieuwsbrief banken - 30 April 2019
    In this issue:  AFM and DNB stress the importance of transitioning to alternative benchmarks; DNB adopts Belgian mortgage loan market measure; Supervision of the revised Wwft;   Application of Joint Guidelines on declarations of no-objection; News in brief; Relevant international publications and calendar  
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  • Newsletter Banks March 2019
    nieuwsbrief banken - 26 March 2019
    In this issue: DNB published its information security monitor; DNB Banking Seminar 2019: a retrospective; Brochure on Supervision of small and medium-sized banks; Duty to report unusual transactions to high-risk third countries; Updated interest rate risk reporting form; News in brief
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  • Newsletter Banks February 2019
    nieuwsbrief banken - 28 February 2019
    In this issue: Supervision in 2025: innovation through data and machine learning; PSD2 update; Brexit update; Consultation about good practices on tax integrity risks; News in brief
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