Newletter Banks June 2016

Date 1 July 2016

In this issue: More room for innovation in the financial sector; AnaCredit Regulation approved; Exploring the consequences of technological innovation; Lower supervisory fees for banks; DNB reaches agreement with Google about right to examine; News in brief.

More room for innovation in the financial sector

The AFM and DNB are teaming up to give more room to financial innovation. The first initiatives were launched in June. Willem Schudel and Lars van de Ven, project managers at DNB and the AFM, explain. Read more

Willem Schudel en Lars van de Ven

AnaCredit Regulation approved

The ECB has approved a regulation under which it has the authority to ask financial institutions for information about individual loans as part of its ongoing supervision. Read more

Exploring the consequences of technological innovation

We launched an exploratory examination in May 2016 to study technological innovation at Dutch large banks, homing in on the degree to which they are aware of inherent opportunities and risks. Read more

ICT complexiteit

Lower supervisory fees for banks

The total fees we charge, both for supervision and for resolution, have decreased compared with 2015. Read more

DNB reaches agreement with Google about right to examine

DNB and Google recently agreed that cloud computing contracts with financial institutions will include a provision about DNB’s right to examine. Read more


News in brief

In this issue: Start of internet consultation about bill on transparent financial market supervision; FATF warning lists: June update; New CRD-IV Alert XBRL Special. Read more

Information requests from DNB

You will have noticed that your bank is getting an increasing number of requests for information due to the tightening of international regulations and DNB’s new approach to supervision. Read more