ECB launches public consultation on its guide on climate-related and environmental risks

Datum 28 mei 2020

Climate-related and environmental risks are an increasing source of risk for banks. The sector, regulators and supervisors are raising awareness of this fact. Against this backdrop the ECB has published its draft guide on the management of climate-related and environmental risks by banks for consultation.


The guide contains thirteen recommendations for banks in the euro area with regard to business models and strategies, governance and risk management. It also describes how the ECB expects banks to become more transparent on their exposure to climate-related and environmental risks by enhancing their disclosures. The guide sets out expectations for the safe and prudent management of climate-related and environmental risks within the existing framework for banks. It is not legally binding. The guide was drafted in close cooperation with the national supervisory authorities with a view to ensuring that high supervisory standards are applied consistently across the euro area. The ECB invites comments from sector and other stakeholders. The deadline for submitting comments is 25 September 2020. Please refer to the ECB's website for more information.