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Dossier Brexit

The United Kingdom (UK) wants to leave the European Union (EU) in the near future. Can we still use our debit cards to pay in shops on a city trip to London? Can we still transfer money to friends or firms in the UK?

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Financial Stability Report

In this biannual publication, De Nederlandsche Bank sketches the developments that may have a bearing on the financial stability in the Netherlands. You will also find the FSR follow-up monitor, which provides an overview of the follow-up given to the recommendations from previous editions of the Financial Stability Report.

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Economic Developments and Outlook

The half-yearly publication Economic Developments and Outlook highlights DNB's forecasts for the Dutch economy. They are placed against the backdrop of recent national and international developments.

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Annual report

On this site you will find the annual reports of the new organisation as well as of the old organisations. Note that not all Annual Reports are available in English.

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De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) has produced a number of brochures on various subjects, such as DNB’s tasks, exchanging guilders and the authentication of euro banknotes. 

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