Shortcomings in reliable reporting

Date 30 August 2012

DNB examination into the reliability of banks’ liquidity and solvency reports reveals deficiencies.

Results of the examination


As part of the theme-based examination 'Improved supervision through better data', the Dutch central bank scrutinised the reliability of the liquidity and solvency reporting of nine banks, which together cover a representative share of the market. It concluded that none had a flawless track record and that several exhibited the same problems and deficiencies. The results of the examination are now being communicated to the individual institutions by letter. 

Follow-up and communication of the results

DNB wants to share the generic results of the examination with the sector as a whole during a seminar. The seminar is being organised for financial managers, controllers and (internal) auditors who are involved in the prudential reporting process.
At the seminar, we will also discuss the latest regulatory developments affecting prudential reporting. The seminar will be held before the end of this year (the exact date will be announced in a subsequent issue of this newsletter).