'Act today to create the conduct of tomorrow'

Date 13 December 2012

DNB calls on you to get to work on the culture and conduct that go with your ideal bank of the future.

Gedrag van morgen

De Nederlandsche Bank organizes regular meetings on conduct and culture in the banking industry. In the past year, meetings were held with representatives of Fier, the Sustainable Finance Lab, Bank of the Future, Now is the Moment and Women in Financial Services. The pivotal theme of each of these events is: conduct and culture for the bank of the future. Some topical issues: What will the economy of the year 2025 look like? What does this mean for the banking industry? What type of conduct will be appropriate? These themes often make for very lively and insightful discussions.

Ideal bank
Emerging from these discussions are the outlines of the ideal bank of the year 2025. According to the participants, this is a bank that contributes to the real economy and at the same time a bank that is straighforward and transparent. Such an ideal comes with a particular type of conduct. It requires that banks offer only products and services that are clear and understandable to their clients. It also comes with a mandate on banks to be self-critical and willing to learn from their mistakes. 
In 2012 DNB has carried out several examinations at banks to get their conduct and culture into focus. The conclusions will be presented during a seminar for directors of banks and insurers on Friday February 1st, 2013. The presentation will also include some examples of 'best practices'. They may inspire you to get to work on conduct and culture at your own bank.
More information? Email DNB's Supervisory Expert Centre on Culture, Organisation & Integrity at: COI@DNB.nl.