EBA technical standards near completion

Date 3 December 2012

The EBA will publish its technical standards before the end of the year. The ball is now in the court of the European Commission.

Vlaggen Europa

Items for which standards lie ready for publication are: own funds of credit institutions, liquidity profile, leverage ratio and reporting. EBA has reviewed the standards on the basis of consultation responses. The standards are now ready to be published. But EBA has to wait until the European Commission finalizes the CRR/CRD IV. If the Commission does not do so before the end of the year, EBA will already publish its feedback to the consultation on the reporting templates, so as to keep banks informed. In addition, EBA will collect interim data on liquidity and the leverage ratio, based on current Basel QIS templates, in order to meet its advisory duties vis-à-vis the European Commission.
Every standard has been submitted to a consultation round. Through consultation, EBA hopes to reach consensus among stakeholders and improve the standards. The expertise which the several stakeholders have brought to the consultation process, has helped EBA to determine whether there are gaps or trouble spots, to receive alternative solutions and to obtain input for cost/benefit analyses.

Once the consultation process is finished, EBA publishes all responses, unless the originator objects. Next, EBA considers all responses, makes final decisions and where necessary adjusts the standards. It also provides feedback to every respondent.  
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