Themes for banking supervision

Date 28 January 2013

Basel III, commercial real estate, the quality of reports, risk management, conduct and culture: all are key themes for banking supervision in the year ahead.

Thema Toezicht

Information about theme-based supervision
DNB’s new theme-based brochure explains what the supervisory authority expects from your bank concerning the key issues. This newsletter will also keep you up to date on investigations and requests for information relating to your bank. DNB will, of course, provide you and the sector as a whole with feedback on its findings.
DNB’s supervision will focus mainly on the potential vulnerabilities of banks and the overarching risks that affect more than one bank.
Themes for banking supervision are:

  • the migration to Basel III: monitoring and evaluation of updates for migration plans and progress
  • recovery plans of banks: medium-sized banks must draw up recovery plans in 2013, in emulation of the system-relevant banks
  • funding strategy of banks: banks must be aware of the challenges related to the financing of their balance sheets
  • asset quality review: the quality of loan portfolios and the credit risk policy of banks
  • commercial real estate: valuation and risk-weighting of real estate
  • interest rate risk in the bank book: banks must adequately measure and manage this risk
  • structure, organisation and operation of risk management: internal risk management by banks
  • quality of reports: improving the accuracy and correctness of reports
  • conduct and culture: follow-on audits of the quality and effectiveness of decision-making

One or two of the theme-based investigations, which began in 2012, will continue to run this year. Examples are the compliance study and the IAD study. 
More information about the planning and results of the surveys can be found in upcoming newsletters. This newsletter includes articles on Basel III, commercial real estate and the quality of reports.


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