New integrity test form

Date 26 June 2012

Clear examples make it easier to complete the form. This prevents errors and incomplete answers.

Supervisory board members and management board members who have to complete the integrity test form are asked about five types of antecedents:
1.    criminal
2.    financial
3.    tax administrative
4.    supervisory
5.    other

For each type of antecedent there is a residual category in which you can disclose all kinds of facts and circumstances that may be of importance to an assessment of integrity. 
New examples have been included for the following types of antecedent:

  • criminal antecedents: document forgery; infringement of tax legislation by the company
  • supervisory antecedents: meetings with the supervisor for the communication of standards; cancellation of a nomination for appointment
  • tax administrative antecedents: an audit of the books by the Tax Administration without the imposition of penalties; use of the tax voluntary disclosure scheme.

These examples make it easier to complete the form, which reduces the chance of errors and incomplete answers.

Supervisory antecedents


Completing the integrity test form fully and correctly is the responsibility of the supervisory and management board members themselves. When filling in the form, you should give careful thought to what facts and circumstances the supervisor may consider relevant. In cases of doubt, you may always contact DNB.

Please note that failing to mention any antecedents or providing incorrect or incomplete data to a supervisor constitutes a supervisory antecedent. The new form will be available on the DNB website from 10 July.