EBA calendar of new regulations

Date 26 June 2012

Handy: an up-to-date overview of the binding technical standards now the subject of consultation.

The European Banking Association (EBA) is in the process of developing binding technical standards. These standards supplement the new capital requirements laid down in the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR). Following ratification by the European Commission, all these standards will apply as regulations to all banks and supervisors in Europe. 
Below is a survey of the standards with the consultation periods. During each consultation period, your bank has the opportunity to respond and submit recommendations to the EBA on its website. 


Overview of standards and expiry date of consultation period

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EBA consultation papers 50 and 51: FINREP, COREP and large exposures.
The consultation period on reporting templates for the new Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) and other financial information has expired. The EBA is now putting the finishing touches to the standards and is expected to make a final decision in July.
Until 4 July 2012: EBA consultation paper 2012/02 Draft regulatory technical standards on own funds. The EBA is drafting binding technical standards for own funds.
Until 18 July 2012:  Draft guidelines on the assessment of the suitability of members of the management body and key function holders.
The EBA is drafting guidelines for assessing the suitability of management board members and other key function holders.  
Until 31 July 2012: EBA consultation paper 2012/04 Disclosure for own funds.
This is a new uniform reporting model which banks can use to report on the disclosure requirements (Pillar III). This standard is in keeping with the proposals of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
Until 12 August 2012: EBA consultation paper 2012/07 Gain on sale associated with future margin income in a securitisation context.
This standard elaborates the rules on ‘gain on sale’, i.e. any increase in equity under the applicable accounting standard arising from future margin income in the context of securitisation transactions.
Until 13 August 2012: Joint consultation paper JC/CP/2012/01 Response to the European Commission’s call for advice on the fundamental review of the FICOD.
This paper contains the reaction of the EBA and other European supervisors to the review of the Financial Conglomerates Directive. They make recommendations for the review regarding such matters as the scope of the supervision and the empowerments under the FICOD. 
Until 27 August 2012: EBA consultation paper 2012/05 Supervisory reporting requirements for liquidity coverage and stable funding.  
This is a standard for reporting on the new liquidity requirements. The EBA will use it to advise the European Commission on the impact of liquidity requirements on the banks as at end-December 2013 and 2015. It will also use the standard to advise on the definition of high liquidity quality. Once the new liquidity requirements come into effect, supervisors will use the new reports. If you wish to attend the public hearing on 18 July, you may register on the EBA website.
Until 27 August 2012: EBA consultation paper 2012/06 Supervisory reporting requirements for leverage ratio. 
This is a standard for reporting on the leverage ratio requirements. The EBA will use these templates for analysing the impact and effectiveness of the leverage ratio and will report to the European Commission on this on 31 October 2016. This reporting is ultimately intended to be part of the standard for supervisory reporting (CP 50). This will be based as far as possible on the existing datasets in FINREP en COREP. If you wish to attend the public hearing on 18 July, you may register on the EBA website.   
More information on the EBA website.