EBA work programme for 2013

Date 25 October 2012

The further harmonisation of EU regulations and supervision means that 2013 will be another busy year for the European Banking Authority.

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EBA’s main aim is to improve the quality and harmonisation of EU supervision in both policy and practice. The programme for 2013 contains a broad range of activities. The advent of a European regulator will undoubtedly influence EBA’s work programme, but is very unlikely to diminish its role.

Below is an overview of the priorities that EBA has set for the coming year. 

In 2013, EBA will continue to be busy developing technical standards for the new Capital Requirements Regulation / Capital Requirements Directive IV.

It has designated the following topics as priorities:

  • Capital: one of the most important aspects of the new EU regulations is to improve the quality of capital. In 2012, EBA consulted various technical standards which it will complete and publish in 2013. It will also be evaluating the quality of capital instruments on an ongoing basis.  
  • Liquidity: EBA will calibrate the components of the two new liquidity ratios, the Liquidity Coverage Ratio and the Net Stable Funding Ratio. It will also study the likely consequences and impact of the introduction of these two ratios.
  • Remuneration: in the sphere of remuneration, EBA will in 2013 conduct a benchmark study on remuneration practices throughout the European Union. It will also devise new technical standards for determining the fixed and variable components of remuneration packages.
  • Leverage ratio: the so-called Leverage ratio is designed to prevent banks from becoming overly dependent on loans. In 2013, EBA will investigate the likely consequences of introducing the Leverage ratio by means of a reporting method it has developed for the purpose. In 2014 it will issue a report on its findings.

EBA’s main task with regard to the practice of supervision is to coordinate the stress test in 2013. It will also continue to conduct periodic risk assessments and theme-based analyses. Finally, in 2013 EBA will continue to play an active role in the Colleges of Supervisors.

More information?
For a more detailed overview of the EBA work programme, see:http://www.eba.europa.eu/News--Communications/Year/2012/EBA-s-2013-work-programme.aspx