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DNB’s Quarterly Bulletin, published for the last time in December 2010, provided information on financial-economic developments as well as going more deeply into DNB’s sphere of activity. This periodical targeted people working in the financial-economic sector, economists, reporters and students. In 2011, the Quarterly Bulletin was replaced by DNBulletin, a column that can be found on this site under News on the home page of this site.


DNB’s Quarterly Bulletins are available for download in .pdf format (see below).

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Overzicht van DNB Kwartaalbericht
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Quarterly Bulletin DNB December 2010 December 2010
Articles: Pension in Motion, Profit growth and capital buffers support new investments, Basel III: new capital and liquidity standards for banks, The operation of the new countercyclical buffer in Basel III, US household saving after the financial crisis, Visible and invisible developments on the road towards SEPA
Quarterly Bulletin DNB September 2010 September 2010

Articles: Knowledge about monetary policy: important but inadequate, The impact of tax-relieved bank saving on the Dutch banking and insurance industries, Responsibilities of DNB on the BES islands after 10‑10‑10, Enhanced coordination on macroeconomic imbalances in the euro area, Closer supervisory attention to business models and strategies.

Quarterly Bulletin DNB June 2010 June 2010
Articles: - Ten points for the Financial Assessment Framework - A century of financial leverage at Dutch banks - Differences between the 2010s and the 1930s - Reinforcing fiscal discipline in the euro area - Payments: not only bank business - List of articles published in 2006-2010
Quarterly Bulletin DNB March 2010 March 2010
Articles: How the crisis hits Dutch households, The implications of the financial crisis for monetary policy, Securitisation of loans as a means to support balance sheet restructuring and lending, Lessons from the crisis for payment and settlement systems. 
Quarterly Bulletin DNB December 2009 December 2009
Articles: Adjustments to the Basel framework for banking supervision, A closer look at pension funds’ investment policies, Spending cuts and growth, Cash payments tallied, Bank failures in historical and international perspective, Tighter risk management in banks’ trading rooms, Commercial property market in dire straits.
Quarterly Bulletin September 2009 September 2009

Articles: Global imbalances and the financial crisis, The future of the Dutch financial sector, Impact of Solvency II on the insurance industry, Decline in demand and flexible working, Central counterparty for credit derivatives not enough, European integration of securities markets not completed yet.

Quarterly Bulletin DNB June 2009 June 2009

Articles: Changes needed in European supervision, Crisis hits Central and Eastern Europe as well, Risk management and compensation policy, Macro stress testing as a tool for supervision and financial stability, Banking crises impact on exports, The Dutch economy in 2009-2011 projections based on MORKMON.

Quarterly Bulletin DNB March 2009 March 2009
Articles: Dutch corporate lending slowing down, The West and the shifting economic relationships, The Netherlands is marking time, The market mechanism in the health care sector, Paying safely in the Netherlands
Quarterly Bulletin DNB December 2008 December 2008
Articles: State ownership as a last resort option in a banking crisis: lessons from experience, The credit crisis and the real economy, QIS4 gauges risks run by insurers, Public housing creaking at the joints, Paying in the euro area: still something left to be desired, The Dutch economy in 2008-2010: a forecast for 2008-2009 and outlooks for 2010
Quarterly Bulletin September 2008 September 2008
Articles: - Unit-linked insurance policies, - Banks’ liquidity risk management subject to stricter requirements, -Turnaround in the European housing markets, -High inflation a challenge to central banks, -Pension indexation quality made visible.
Quarterly Bulletin DNB June 2008 June 2008
Articles: - European pension supervision: cross-border provision of services demands convergence, - The future of the Originate to Distribute model in banking, - Predictive power of leading indicators for euro area gdp growth, - Income equality in the Netherlands not as constant as it seems, - Innovations and developments in payment systems and the implementation of monetary policy, - The Dutch economy in 2008-2010: a forecast using MORKMON
Quarterly Bulletin March 2008 April 2008
Articles: - Early retirement, the life course saving scheme and Dutch household wealth, - Tailor-made supervision of banks in Europe, - Eurosystem money market operations during the recent period of financial turmoil, - The lagging housing market in the Netherlands, - US housing market correction not over yet, - IMF at the pivot of the international financial world.
Quarterly Bulletin December 2007 December 2007
Articles: - Financial markets hit hard by mortgage crisis in US, - Basel II: a more risk-sensitive framework for a stabler financial system, - The Dutch economy in 2007-2009: expansion soon to reach its limits, - Incentives at the counter, - Dutch competitiveness in the international services trade, - Interchange fees and the unification of payment market, - Solvency II: Towards a new supervisory framework for insurers
Quarterly Bulletin DNB September 2007 September 2007
Articles: - Climate change and Dutch public finances, - Credit risk transfer in good times and bad, - Navigating towards SEPA: the transition to European payment instruments in the Netherlands, - Continuity analysis contributes to sustainable pensions in the longer term, - Reversal rule for pension accrual and income distribution, - Sovereign Wealth Funds: threat to financial stability?
Quarterly Bulletin DNB June 2007 June 2007
Articles: - The Dutch economy is flourishing, -  Untagling the up and downs of consumer confidence, -  Internet banking now and in the future, -  Changing voting distribution within the IMF, -  Islamic banking and supervision, -  A fundamental step ahead: DNB's experiences with the twin peaks model of financial supervision, -  Will the mortgage crisis in the US affect Financial stability?
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