Statistical Bulletin May 2003

DNB Statistisch Bulletin
Date 1 May 2003

This is a special issue of the Statistical Bulletin. Special because it does not include any statistics. It is an issue on methodology and something more than that. It is the reflection of a three-year period in which the Nederlandsche Bank spent a considerable amount of resources on the transition to a completely new system for the compilation of the balance-of-payments statistics. For internal purposes, it was considered indispensable to document the characteristics of the system and the considerations and choices underlying it. Beyond that, we felt the need to inform a larger public, too. It is, firstly, a matter of accountability and transparency to disclose the results brought forth by our efforts. Moreover, we hope this issue may be of help to other balance-of-payments compilers that may be thinking of adjusting their collection systems. For that reason we published this issue in English, instead of Dutch. By learning about our approach, they may profit from our hopefully good and possibly less attractive choices.