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For more than a decade De Nederlandsche Bank published a Statistical Bulletin (SB) on a quarterly basis. The SB contained the monetary and financial statistics for the Netherlands and articles based on these statistics. December 2010 saw the last SB issue, Statistical articles will henceforth be available on this website, via the publication 'Statistical News Release' in the section 'News'. The statistical data can at all times be viewed via menu item 'Statistics'.

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Overzicht van DNB Statistisch Bulletin
Title or themeDate
Statistisch Bulletin december 2010 December 2010
Articles: Residential mortgages market: signs of stabilisation?, Dutch net external assets on the increase, EUR 90 billion in income channelled through Dutch SFIs, Structural statistical discrepancies: indicative of quality problems, Monetary and financial statistics for the Netherlands.
Statistical Bulletin September 2010 September 2010

Articles: The capital adequacy of the Dutch banking system, 'Other Financial Intermediaries' lag rest of inancial sector, elected financial assets of Dutch households, Goup pension arrangements with insurance.

corporations: over 900,000 participants 25

Statistical Bulletin June 2010 June 2010
Articles: Sharp increase in Dutch investment funds’ total net assets in 2009, Management of pension assets through mutual investment funds on the increase, Life insurance corporations reduce interest rate risk using derivatives, Robust growth of Dutch banks’ securities portfolio, Decline in remittances by immigrant households to relatives abroad.
Statistical Bulletin March 2010 March 2010
Articles: Recovery of financial market issuance in 2009, The financial support operations in government
finance statistics, Pension indexation lags behind rising wages and prices, Changes in the international position of Dutch.
Statistical Bulletin December 2009 December 2009
Articles: Dutch external assets and liabilities declined, Packaging of loans through securitisation stalls, covered bonds gain popularity, Sharp contraction in OTC derivatives market, Pension provision in international perspective.
Statistical Bulletin September 2009 September 2009
Articles: Recent developments in bank credit standards, Stagnation at bank SFIs, growth in activities of other
SFIs, How does DNB measure that foreign holdings of Life, Insurance premiums stabilise at EUR 26 billion
Statistical Bulletin June 2009 June 2009

Articles: Dutch banks’ external claims under pressure, The effect of securitisations on lending statistics, Pension funds’ increased sensitivity to foreign, portfolio investments, How does DNB measure that foreign holdings of
Dutch securities amount to approximately EUR 1,400 billion?

Statistical Bulletin March 2009 March 2009
Articles: Capital market financing has become more difficult and more expensive, Dutch banks less active abroad, Pension indexation falling short of inflation and wage rises, Extended statistics show up doubling of investment
funds’ balance sheet total
Statistical Bulletin December 2008 December 2008
Articles: Europeanization of banking services in the Netherlands, Profitable non-life business in 2007, The Dutch international investment position in 2007, Can foreign direct investment statistics be made more useful?
Statistical Bulletin September 2008 September 2008
Articles: - Households sell nearly one-tenth of their investments, - Modernisation in the pension sector, - The Netherlands still attracts sfis, - Dutch banks’ balance sheet and income statements: new reporting framework
Statistical Bulletin June 2008 August 2008
Articles: Sharp drop in the 'repackaging' of mortgages by banks, - Debit card payments gaining ground at the expense of cash payments,- Over eur 5 billion worth of insurance risks reinsured
Statistical Bullletin March 2008 March 2008

Articles: - Declining share of Dutch bank income from interest and commission? - 2007 a less favourable year for Dutch investment funds, - Catch-up indexation of pension entitlements in 2008, - Dutch balance of payments under IMF scrutiny.

Statistical Bulletin December 2007 December 2007

Articles: - Varied transmission of ECB rates into commercial interest rates, - Effect of financial turmoil on Dutch banks as yet limited, - The international competitive position of Dutch unit trusts: has it improved?, - Turnover of foreign exchange market in the Netherlands halved in three years’ time, - Dutch external assets in 2006.

Statistical Bulletin September 2007 September 2007

Articles: - Unusually large increase in foreign holdings in Dutch enterprises, - Households and enterprises keener to tie up their funds for longer periods, - Intra-bank trade in credit risks gaining importance, - Growing need for current data on pension funds’ financial positions, - Netherlands makes significant contribution to euro area money supply.

Statistical Bulletin June 2007 June 2007
Articles: New statistics provide greater insight into retail payments, Do pension funds achieve the return they seek?, Cross-border securities holdings for the first time in excess of eur 1,000 billion, International lending by Dutch banks.
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