De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) has produced a number of brochures on various subjects, such as DNB’s tasks, exchanging guilders and the authentication of euro banknotes. 

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The CCP – a pivotal player in the financial system September 2018

Securities and derivatives transactions are increasingly settled through a central counterparty (CCP) to increase the stability and transparency of the financial system. A CCP positions itself between buyer and seller, taking over the trading parties’ obligations in order to mitigate their counterparty risks. As a guarantee, the CCP requests collateral from the trading parties. In addition, multilateral netting reduces the trading parties’ total open positions, improving efficiency and security.

DNB’s financial stability task February 2016

In its role as central bank and prudential supervisor, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) aims to safeguard financial stability in the Netherlands. This has become an official responsibility of DNB as of 1 January 2014, when the Banking Act (Bankwet) came into force.

Technological innovation and the Dutch financial sector January 2016

In its report ‘’Technological innovation and the Dutch financial sector’’, DNB discusses the impact of technological innovation on the financial sector and its implications for supervision. Technological innovation is considered to be one of the most influential developments that will shape the financial sector in the near future. Innovation presents both opportunities and risks for established and new financial institutions, and for the financial sector as a whole. In line with its mandate as prudential supervisor for the Netherlands, DNB supports innovation while keeping a close eye on the potential risks. In this context, DNB will act on three main fronts: realigning its supervisory approach, stepping up dialogue with stakeholders and building knowledge.

Alle Ins & Outs van CCPs November 2013

CCP stands for central counterparty, sometimes also referred to as a central counterparty clearing house. A CCP plays a role in the settlement of securities and derivatives transactions, particularly those carried out on a trading venue.

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From Analysis to Action September 2010
During the debate on the Scheltema Commission’s report, the Lower House asked DNB to draw lessons from the credit crisis and its consequences for the financial sector, focusing on the cultural aspects of supervision. DNB, like its fellow supervisors elsewhere, has now taken a critical look at its own work practices, decision making and corporate culture. The key issue in its analysis was how supervision can become more effective and especially more vigorous.
Towards a more stable financial system: Macroprudential supervision at DNB July 2010

The credit crisis has exposed major vulnerabilities within the fi nancial system. Worldwide, not least in the Netherlands, the authorities have had to take drastic action to safeguard fi nancial stability. Subsequently, lessons need to be drawn from the crisis. Domestically and internationally, this process has been in full swing for some time now.

DNB Supervisory Themes in 2010 February 2010
Conduct and culture, strategy and business models, investment policy and other themes will be the focal points of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)’s supervision in 2010. This brochures presents an overview of DNB’s supervisory themes for 2010.
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The European Central Bank May 2008
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What it’s all about March 2005
'What it’s all about' is a brochure outlining the key duties performed by DNB. It was published on the occasion of the recent merger of DNB with the Pensions and Insurance Supervisory Authority of the Netherlands, as a special issue of DNB Magazine. It explains how and why the merger was carried out and briefly discusses all the organisation's main functions. An organisation chart is included as well. The brochure is available in both English and Dutch.
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