Occasional Studies

Several times per year DNB issues an Occasional Study, a publication designed for a broader public than just economists. Occasional Studies cover a specific research or policy theme, contributing to national and international policy debates.

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Overzicht van DNB Occasional Study
Title or themeDate
Nr 4 (2019): Unravelling the savings surplus of Dutch corporations December 2019
Bas Butler, Krit Carlier, Guido Schotten en Maikel Volkerink
Nr 3 (2019): Inflation in the euro area since the Global Financial Crisis September 2019
Dennis Bonam, Gabriele Galati, Irma Hindrayanto, Marco Hoeberichts, Anna Samarina and Irina Stanga
Nr 2 (2019): De toegevoegde waarde van maatwerk in risicotoedeling September 2019
Damiaan Chen, Maurice Doll en Annick van Ool
Nr 1 (2019): The quality and independence of residential property appraisals March 2019
Remco van der Molen en Rob Nijskens
Nr. 8 (2018): The price of transition: an analysis of the economic implications of carbon taxing October 2018
Gerbert Hebbink, Laurien Berkvens, Maurice Bun, Henk van Kerkhoff, Juho Koistinen, Guido Schotten en Ad Stokman
Nr. 7 (2018): An energy transition risk stress test for the financial system of the Netherlands October 2018
Robert Vermeulen, Edo Schets, Melanie Lohuis, Barbara Kölbl, David-Jan Jansen and Willem Heeringa
Nr. 7 (2018): Appendix - Modelling the energy transition risk stress test October 2018
Nr 6 (2018): Size of the banking sector: implications for financial stability October 2018
Jan Kakes and Rob Nijskens
Nr 5 (2018): DELFI 2.0, DNB's Macroeconomic Policy Model of the Netherlands September 2018
Robert-Paul Berben, Ide Kearney and Robert Vermeulen
Nr 4 (2018): Revisiting the central bank’s lender of last resort function July 2018
Joost Bats, Jan Willem van den End, John Thoolen
Nr 3 (2018): The natural rate of interest from a monetary and financial perspective June 2018
Dennis Bonam, Peter van Els, Jan Willem van den End, Leo de Haan and Irma Hindrayanto
Nr 2 (2018): An urgent call to get better prepared for unexpected events February 2018
Jurgen Spaanderman
Nr 1 (2018): From cash to cards: how debit card payments overtook cash in the Netherlands February 2018
Nicole Jonker, Lola Hernandez, Renate de Vree and Patricia Zwaan
Nr 4 (2017): Developing macroprudential policy for alternative investment funds November 2017
Koen van der Veer, Anouk Levels, Claudia Lambert, Luis Molestina Vivar, Christian Weistroffer, Raymond Chaudron and René de Sousa van Stralen
Nr 3 (2017): A top-down stress testing framework for the Dutch banking sector July 2017
Tijmen Daniëls, Patty Duijm, Franka Liedorp and Dimitris Mokas
1-15 from 81 results