Occasional Studies

Several times per year DNB issues an Occasional Study, a publication designed for a broader public than just economists. Occasional Studies cover a specific research or policy theme, contributing to national and international policy debates.

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Overzicht van DNB Occasional Study
Title or themeDate
Nr. 6 (2015): Biases in supervision: what are they and how can we deal with them? December 2015
Remy Jansen and Margot Aelen
Nr. 5 (2015): Longevity Risk Transfer activities by European insurers and pension funds November 2015
Patty Duijm
Nr. 4 (2015): Dutch mortgages in the DNB loan level data October 2015
Mauro Mastrogiacomo and Remco van der Molen
Nr. 3 (2015): Central Bank CollaterALL July 2015
Jeannette Capel
Nr. 2 (2015): Effects of further reductions in the LTV limit May 2015
Johan Verbruggen, Remco van der Molen, Steven Jonk, Jan Kakes en Willem Heeringa
Nr. 1 (2015): Wealth formation of Dutch households: a policy assessment February 2015
Jante Parlevliet en Thomas Kooiman
Nr. 7 (2014): Putting Macroprudential Policy to Work October 2014
Aerdt Houben, Rob Nijskens and Mark Teunissen
Nr. 6 (2014): Getting to the bottom of the Dutch savings surplus July 2014
Jurriaan Eggelte, Rini Hillebrand, Thomas Kooiman en Guido Schotten
Nr. 5 (2014): Collateral optimisation, re-use and transformation July 2014
Jeannette Capel and Anouk Levels
Nr. 4 (2014): Chinese banks - risks and challenges May 2014
Piet Buitelaar
Nr. 3 (2014): Bank lending and capital April 2014
Gerbert Hebbink, Mark Kruidhof and Jan Willem Slingenberg
Nr. 2 (2014): Studies Beyond Finance - Financial Supervision in the 21st Century March 2014
Malcolm Sparrow, Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, José María Roldán, Sheila Bair, Joanne Kellermann, Frédéric Visnovsky and Jan Sijbrand
Nr. 1 (2014): Wage Development Considered February 2014
Jurriaan Eggelte, Jos Jansen, Guido Schotten and Diederik Dicou
Nr. 6 (2013): Challenges for financial sector supervision December 2013
Paul Cavelaars, Jakob de Haan, Paul Hilbers and Bart Stellinga
Nr. 5 (2013): Financial imbalances and macroprudential policy in a currency union October 2013
Aerdt Houben and Jan Kakes
Nr. 4 (2013): The irrationality of payment behaviour July 2013
Frank van der Horst and Ester Matthijsen
Nr. 3 (2013): A descriptive analysis of the balance sheet and monetary policy of De Nederlandsche Bank: 1900-1998 and beyond May 2013
Christiaan Pattipeilohy
Nr. 2 (2013): Social costs of POS payments in the Netherlands 2002–2012: Efficiency gains from increased debit card usage April 2013
Nicole Jonker
Nr. 1 (2013): Funding problems in the mortgage market March 2013
Jos Jansen, Melle Bijlsma, Mark Kruidhof and Christiaan Pattipeilohy
Nr. 5 (2012): Shadow Banking: An Exploratory Study for the Netherlands November 2012
Menno Broos, Krit Carlier, Jan Kakes en Eric Klaaijsen
Nr. 4 (2012): The CentERpanel and the DNB Household Survey: Methodological Aspects September 2012
Federica Teppa and Corrie Vis
Nr. 3 (2012): Designing Banknote Identity August 2012
Hans de Heij
Nr. 2 (2012): Cash usage in the Netherlands: How much, where, when, who and whenever one wants? April 2012
Nicole Jonker, Anneke Kosse and Lola Hernández
Nr. 1 (2012): Is Collateral Becoming Scarce? Evidence for the euro area February 2012
Anouk Levels and Jeannette Capel
Nr. 6 (2011) Is there a 'race to the bottom' in central counterparties competition December 2011
Siyi Zhu
Nr. 5 (2011) Housing bubbles, the leverage cycle and the role of central banking November 2011
Jeroen Hessel and Jolanda Peeters
Nr. 4 (2011): What is a fit banknote? The Dutch public responds September 2011
Frank van der Horst, Martijn Meeter, Jan Theeuwes en Marcel van der Woude
Nr. 3 (2011) - The post-crisis world of collateral and international liquidity July 2011
Jeannette Capel
Nr. 2 (2011) - Crisis Management Tools in the EU: What do we really need? March 2011
Annemarie van der Zwet
Nr. 1 (2011) - DELFI: DNB’s Macroeconomic Policy Model of the Netherlands February 2011
31-60 from 88 results