Occasional Studies

Several times per year DNB issues an Occasional Study, a publication designed for a broader public than just economists. Occasional Studies cover a specific research or policy theme, contributing to national and international policy debates.

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Overzicht van DNB Occasional Study
Title or themeDate
Nr 1 (2018): From cash to cards: how debit card payments overtook cash in the Netherlands February 2018
Nicole Jonker, Lola Hernandez, Renate de Vree and Patricia Zwaan
Nr 4 (2017): Developing macroprudential policy for alternative investment funds November 2017
Koen van der Veer, Anouk Levels, Claudia Lambert, Luis Molestina Vivar, Christian Weistroffer, Raymond Chaudron and René de Sousa van Stralen
Nr 3 (2017): A top-down stress testing framework for the Dutch banking sector July 2017
Tijmen Daniëls, Patty Duijm, Franka Liedorp and Dimitris Mokas
Nr 2 (2017): Capitalising on the euro July 2017
Niels Gilbert, Jeroen Hessel en Jasper de Jong
Nr 1 (2017): The housing market in major Dutch cities May 2017
Melanie Hekwolter of Hekhuis, Rob Nijskens en Willem Heeringa
Nr. 5 (2016): The Return on Equity of Large Dutch Banks December 2016
Tijmen Daniëls and Shahin Kamalodin
Nr. 4 (2016): Perspectief op groei: De Nederlandse economie in beweging October 2016
Jante Parlevliet, Maurice Doll, Robert Vermeulen, Jasper de Winter
nr 3 (2016): Inflation in the euro area and why it matters September 2016
Jakob de Haan, Marco Hoeberichts, Renske Maas and Federica Teppa
nr 2 (2016): Time for Transition - an exploratory study of the transition to a carbon-neutral economy March 2016
Diederik Dicou, Saskia van Ewijk, Jan Kakes, Martijn Regelink en Guido Schotten
nr 1 (2016): A shock to the system? Market illiquidity and concentrated holdings in European bond markets February 2016
Sophie Steins Bisschop, Martijn Boermans and Jon Frost
Nr. 7 (2015): Nr. 7 (2015): Shedding a clearer light on financial stability risks in the shadow banking system December 2015
Koen van der Veer, Eric Klaaijsen en Ria Roerink
Nr. 6 (2015): Biases in supervision: what are they and how can we deal with them? December 2015
Remy Jansen and Margot Aelen
Nr. 5 (2015): Longevity Risk Transfer activities by European insurers and pension funds November 2015
Patty Duijm
Nr. 4 (2015): Dutch mortgages in the DNB loan level data October 2015
Mauro Mastrogiacomo and Remco van der Molen
Nr. 3 (2015): Central Bank CollaterALL July 2015
Jeannette Capel
16-30 from 84 results