Occasional Studies

Several times per year DNB issues an Occasional Study, a publication designed for a broader public than just economists. Occasional Studies cover a specific research or policy theme, contributing to national and international policy debates.

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Overzicht van DNB Occasional Study
Title or themeDate
nr 03 (2009) - Distortionary effects of anti-crisis measures and how to limit them December 2009
W.A van den End, S.A.M. Verkaart and K.A. van Dijkhuizen
nr 02 (2009) - Banknote design for the visually impaired November 2009
Hans de Heij
nr 1 (2009) - How does cross-border collateral affect a country’s central bank and prudential supervisor? July 2009
Jeannette Capel
nr 05 (2008) - Dutch Gas Revenues and Budgetary Policy: Theory versus Practice August 2008
Peter Wierts and Guido Schotten
nr 04 (2008) - The Supervision of Banks in Europe: The Case for a Tailor-made Set-up August 2008
Aerdt Houben, Iskander Schrijvers and Tim Willems
nr 03 (2008) - Islamic Finance and Supervision: an exploratory analysis May 2008
Bastiaan Verhoef, Somia Azahaf and Werner Bijkerk
02 - Confidence and trust: empirical investigations for the Netherlands and the financial sector May 2008
Robert Mosch and Henriette Prast
01 - Towards a European payments market: survey results on cross-border payment behaviour of Dutch consumers May 2008
Nicole Jonker and Anneke Kosse
02 - Public feed back for better banknote design 2 September 2007
Hans A.M. de Heij
01 - Microfinanciering, deposito’s en toezicht: de wereld is groot, denk klein April 2007
Ronald Bosman en Iskander Schrijvers
06 - The sustainability of the Dutch pension system November 2006
Jan Kakes and Dirk Broeders
05 - China in 2006: An economist’s view July 2006
Philipp Maier
04 - Monetary policy strategies and credibility - theory and practice May 2006
Bryan Chapple
03 - How fair are fair values? A comparison for cross-listed financial companies April 2006
Marian Berden and Franka Liedorp
02 - An international scorecard for measuring bank performance: The case of Dutch banks April 2006
J.W.B. Bos, J.A.J. Draulans, D. van den Kommer and B.A. Verhoef
61-75 from 84 results